Group Workshops

The following is a partial list of Ki-Ri seminars that can be adapted to any size group for a single or multi-day workshop. Program length can be as short as 2 hours or as long as 8 hours (with appropriate breaks) based on the desired level of audience participation and experiential immersion. Please contact Ki-Ri for more information.

1. Good Stress / Bad Stress: Learn how to tell the difference and make stress work for you!

Are you tired, stressed out, burned out? Stress can be positive (eustress) or negative (distress). Learn how to tell the difference and use positive stressors to motivate, focus and improve performance; and reduce or eliminate negative stressors that cause discomfort, inhibit health and reduce performance.

This Ki-Ri workshop will help you…

  • Learn how stress affects you.
  • Discern good stress from bad stress.
  • Discover how to use stress to create positive change in your life.
  • Re-discover energy that has been drained by distress.
  • Find your inner “center of stillness” and the effect it has on the outside.

2. Healthy Living…Not a Destination but a Journey

If you’re like most people, you probably have trouble finding the time to exercise, would like to be making better food choices for yourself, and would love to have more energy! Sit back in your seat, close your eyes, open your heart, and travel with Kathy to the Land of Healthy Living. Discover how easy it can be: map out your route, pack your bag, and start your journey. Our voyage will take us over varied terrain: Inertia Plateau, Temptation Gulch, Cape Craving, Procrastination Prairie, Moodiness Marsh, PMS Reef. Learn to navigate these obstacles and adopt a new commitment to “live healthy” day by day.

This Ki-Ri workshop will help you…

  • Create a vision of how you really want your life to “become.”
  • Identify the obstacles that may be holding you back.
  • Recognize what you want to change and what you can change.
  • Design a realistic action plan that you can actually stick to.

3. Food for Thoughtful, Healthy Living

“I want more than rabbit food!” “Healthy food is boring.” Sound familiar? Nutrition? Fun? “No way,” you say? What does that label really tell me? In this session, Kathy makes it fun to learn how and why foods affect you, when and what to eat to feel great, and how to painlessly make lasting change. Top it all off with a game of Nutritional Jeopardy.

This Ki-Ri workshop will help you…

  • Analyze what’s really going into your body.
  • Make smarter food choices that are realistic, tasty, and exciting.
  • Become aware of how food affects your energy level, concentration, and overall health.

4. Three Rights Make a Left

We all know someone who just has it all together. Someone who seems to do a hundred things, all of them well; has boundless energy, and never seems phased, no matter the situation. Wonder how they do it? It’s living life in balance; your inner environment (mind, body, emotions, spirit) in balance with your outer environment (family, work, play.) It comes via “right thought, right action and right rest.” Yes, three rights make a left……you are left with balance, harmony, equilibrium.

This Ki-Ri workshop will help you…

  • Believe and see how you too can “do it all” well.
  • Identify 5 things you can do today to enhance your happiness.
  • Find the time you’ve been craving for recreation and relaxation.

5. Move It or Lose It!

“I hate to exercise!” “If people were supposed to run why did we invent cars?” “I’m too out of shape to exercise!” How will no exercise impact your future? Do you want to meet your grandchildren? Do you want to spend the last 20 years of your life on a sofa?

This Ki-Ri workshop will help you…

  • Get motivated to MOVE your body regularly!
  • Find an activity that you’ll enjoy.
  • Create affirmations that will keep you motivated.

6. Meaningful Living

If I’m so successful, why am I not happy? Explore why your current work may no longer be serving your life purpose. Discover your higher purpose and how to live a “ful” life: peaceful, hopeful, joyful, fulfilled, grateful, blissful, plentiful and meaningful.

This Ki-Ri workshop will help you…

  • Determine if you’re doing what you are meant to be doing.
  • Connect with your passion to discover your life purpose.
  • Recognize the difference between ego-driven and spirit-guided living.

7. Intention and Gratitude

The “Law of Attraction” tells us that the more gratitude we express, the more we will have to be grateful for. Learning to live with intention and sincere gratitude can drive a purposeful life. In this session, you’ll discover how to incorporate intention and gratitude into your thoughts and actions to help balance the demands of family, work, home, and partner, while preserving time for you.

This Ki-Ri workshop will help you…

  • Learn how to use intention to simplify your daily life.
  • Practice expressing gratitude daily and experience the abundance it yields.
  • Discover how to live fully in the present moment.
  • Re-learn the essence of simplicity and power of single focus.
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