Testimonials for Energy Healing

“Kathy, thank you so much for the oh so powerful energy session that you did for me. It was electric! I immediately felt loved and supported giving me much needed relaxation and peace and I left feeling clear, energized and free. I promise you that continued long after our meeting. You’re such a fantastic healer and I appreciate all you do! So needed that! Much love and gratitude to you.”

Rebecca Bloom, Intuitive Tarot with Rebecca Bloom

“Kathy Evans-Palmisano is a gifted health provider. She brilliantly combines her expertise and training to treat the body, mind and soul of her clients. Her energy treatments brought me hope, peace, and balance during an extremely difficult period of my life.”


“Kathy’s energy treatment was both gentle and effective in bringing to light an issue it was important to release at that time. It was a catalyst for the next step forward. Thank you. “

Katie McCorkle, Ph.D., Founder, Balanced Heart Healing Center

“Under Kathy’s guidance, I experienced a deep immersion into light energy where I ‘saw’ myself and others manifesting their spiritual vocations. It felt gentle, natural, and profound all at once. When the ritual was over, I felt like I was shimmering with healing energy and light.”

Gail R.

“I can’t wait to tell you about the soul family work I have been doing…you were right. I have been reading a lot about what it is. I was angry because I have been in metaphysics since 1991…reading voraciously. It would have helped to know what the pain and confusion was a long time ago…but such a RELIEF to know there is a word for it and I am not crazy. Thanks for the amazing gift! You’re too powerful, Obi Wan, with your ‘Force.’” 

Barb Shafran

“The program has opened my eyes to possibilities that I could not previously see. By slowing down and focusing on sacred time and space, I have been able to perceive and address issues that would have turned into crises before. I am more relaxed. I breathe and sleep better. I feel easier within myself. Even my wife says that I’m better company and our relationship has improved. “


“I have been receiving healing energy treatments from Kathy Evans-Palmisano twice per week for about 6 months. Having received similar treatments from 5 other practitioners, and having received about 150 such treatments in total, I speak from considerable experience when I say that Kathy is a skilled and talented energy worker whose treatments have helped me physiologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Kathy continues the ancient tradition of healing by “laying on of hands”, and obviously knows what she is doing. I strongly recommend her services.”

Jim Marshall

“This grace-filled guided meditation stirred within me and invited me to touch into some very sacred experiences of Holy Presence and to further ponder the many graces that await me when I open myself to the Sacred. Your care-filled manner and reflective music set a beautiful atmosphere for entering into the sacred and to open myself to the graces and healing that awaits, within the depths of my soul.”


“After working with Kathy, I feel more relaxed, focused, and peaceful than I ever thought possible. I have been able to achieve things that I previously struggled with.”


“Receiving an energy treatment from Kathy was a true transformational experience for me. I felt deep relaxation, love and serenity during and after the session. I have recommended her services to several of my clients.”

Laura Roman, LCSW, BCD

“Transformative. Empowering. Healing. These are just a few words that touch on my experience with Ki-Ri Energy Healing. Emotional release may arise in such work and I feel completely safe in Kathy’s arms. She knew intuitively when and how to hold me in those moments. She gave me insight into myself and my purpose through the visions she received during our sessions that helped to clarify areas of confusion. This helped me to make life changing decisions to follow my TRUE path in life. There is nothing else that I know of to compare her work to. Before our session I wasn’t sure what I needed; after, I understood that I got EXACTLY what I needed and had the tools to move forward on my journey. When I am in a stuck place, and need a blockage removed, or need some clarification on what I am feeling, I KNOW Kathy can help me through her Divine guidance.”

Roxanne Williams

“My session with Kathy was much more than I can express in the following mere words. I experienced my body gently rising up and moving outside of myself. Technicolor landscapes rose before me as if I were actually there. Important information came to me in answer to life challenges I was working through at the time, and, through it all, I felt very relaxed and safe. Afterwards, as we talked, we discovered that Kathy had picked up on several parts of what I had experienced and was able to offer additional guidance from her viewpoint of the session. With integrity and humility, Kathy stepped out of her ego and allowed her intuition and inner guidance to lead her in her work. This, to me, is the sign of a true healing guide.”

Regina Rivers, Owner, Rivers Healing Arts, Relationship Coach and Body Energy Worker

Testimonials for Workshops/Group Ceremonies

“I really enjoyed the weekend and I thank you for all your efforts and your friendliness. The ladies were all strangers to me yet I felt very welcome and was quite comfortable the entire weekend. I met one of the other real estate agents at a continuing education session today and we were like old sorority sisters! You did a wonderful job bonding us and I left feeling as if I’ve known you for a long time! “


“I enjoyed your presentation so much. The information that you shared has been running through my mind. I was swimming in my pool today and I felt all of the sensations (energy) that you spoke of. “


“I really appreciated your initial invitation to leave behind our present preoccupations to enter more consciously into sacred space. You designed of gradual spiraling and reflective journey into the inner circle of the room and into our own inner circle of our own center where we reverence our own personal experience as well as those we had journeyed with.”

~ Anonymous

“We became companions on the journey as we went more deeply into the core of our beings and opened ourselves to even further graces and opportunities to embrace the sacredness within and around us.”

“You called us all to journey together into the sacred and realized how much untapped richness awaits our beckoning spirits.”

“Thank you for orchestrating with the spirit to design such an inspiring graced moment on my spiritual journey.”



“I had no idea how much change would occur for me but it has and I am ready for the next chapter! Thank you. I will forever be grateful for the healing that I have experienced and changes that I have made.”

Heather S.

“This course has helped me to create major changes in my life in many ways! I have tried many different ways to work on these specific aspects of my life, and I honestly have to say that I have had the most success by far with this course. The connection that I felt with Kathy was amazing! I received more insight and understanding than from any previous mentor and the energy sessions were by far the most powerful that I have ever had by any practitioner. I absolutely recommend this insightful course! “

Sheri G.