…to empower every person to live with an inner peace that is experienced as joy, harmony, radiant good health, abundant energy, and balance in every facet of their life.

IN OTHER WORDS…Experience peace, purpose, passion, and prosperity, every day of your life!

Philosophy / Guiding Principles

You have the “right” to feel good, all day, every day, about yourself, your family, and your work.  Your capacity to experience “harmony” or “inner peace” may be hampered by your obligations, leaving you tired, frustrated, burned out, even angry.  You have no time for the things you like, and if you manage to make time, little energy with which to enjoy them.

Ki-Ri’s counseling, treatments, techniques and resources are designed to help you identify the facets of your life that are discordant and take action to bring them into balance. The benefits are better health, greater vitality, reduced stress, more joy, increased productivity and heightened satisfaction.

Experience joy with Ki-Ri