Ceremonies for Evolving Consciousness

“Ceremony is the intentional construction of the bridge, which spans the barriers that we’ve created between our soul and our mundane life. Though the creation of ceremony, we allow the free movement of our soul into the mundane and of our consciousness into the realm of soul. It’s a two-way bridge.” Jade Wah’oo Grigori, Shaman, Sedona, AZ

“No matter what the purpose, scared ceremony inevitably heals the fundamental spiritual wound – the illusion of separateness from the Creator and Creation.” Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.

We all have rituals in our daily lives: brushing our teeth, checking texts or email, our first-morning cup of coffee. Learn experientially about intention in personal and group rituals and how it can enrich your life and your workplace. Discover the underlying interconnectedness of all things as Kathy leads you into Sacred Space through a ceremony designed by you, for you.

For the Individual

Participating in one of Kathy’s thoughtfully prepared rituals, the individual transcends the sense of self and connects with the greater essence of “All There Is.” Once you have experienced this profound connection, you will never be the same. Your life will be touched by “Spirit” every day and synchronicities will present themselves with ever-increasing frequency to remind you that “You are a Divine Being of Light.”

For your Group

Ceremony makes a striking way to open and/or close a meeting, retreat, or holiday party. It can be used to set the intention for a new project or transition of an existing one or to express gratitude for a project successfully completed. Ceremony can be used to commemorate a promotion or retirement, marriage, birth or death, or mark a personal or group milestone. No matter if the group is family, friends, co-workers, business associates, teammates, or total strangers, participating together in a ceremony can:

  • Initiate or increase a bond or connectedness between group members
  • Enhance communication, willingness, and ability to work together
  • Increase understanding of and respect for both diversity and the homogeny of the group members.

The examples listed below are just a sampling of the options offered by Ki-Ri.

1. Transpersonal Experience “Transcending or reaching beyond the individual”
We come together in ceremony to experience how we are all connected…energetically. We create a sacred space within which we focus and extend our awareness beyond the boundaries of our physical bodies, allowing us to experience the interweaving of our personal energy field with those around us, a unified field of harmonic resonance. When we take that back out into our everyday world, allowing others that we encounter to experience that wholeness through us, we are changing the paradigm of “Separateness” to one of “Unity.”

“Transpersonal” defined:

  • of, denoting, or dealing with states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity
  • experiences of temporarily transcending our usual identification with our limited biological, historical, cultural, and personal self and, at the deepest and most profound levels of experience possible, recognizing/being “something” of vast intelligence and compassion that encompasses/is the entire universe.
  • a perspective or point of perception, which allows one to see the concept of ‘individual’ within its relationship to a much larger ‘whole.’

“Transpersonal experiences generally have a profoundly transforming effect on the lives of those who experience them, because people ordinarily identify primarily with the personal, which tends to separate us. The transpersonal, which experientially impresses us with our fundamental unity and oneness with each other and all life, can thus be of great value in solving the problems of a world divided against itself.”

2. Sacred Ceremonies
Discover how personal and group ceremonies add richness to life experiences and how intention directs ritual. Listed below are a few examples of ceremonies that can be adapted for your particular group. We can also design a ceremony specific to your group, project, milestone or event.

  • What is Ceremony – Experience walking a spiral labyrinth and entering sacred space.
  • Spring Equinox – Greet the awakening of new life as the earth moves out of winter darkness into spring light.
  • Summer Solstice – Celebrate the richness of the earth at the peak of summer.
  • Traditional Peruvian / Andean Despacho – An honoring or “giving back” in sacred reciprocity for the gifts of Spirit.
  • Burning Bowl – A process for removing old aspects of self that no longer serve us and planting new seeds of self for expansion and growth


TRADITIONAL PERUVIAN DESPACHO CEREMONY A ritual expression of beauty, gratitude, and sacred reciprocity. Similar to a mandala or sacred creation, the despacho holds symbolic elements and the prayers of the participants. We will decide upon the intention for this despacho as a group. As the elements are added to the despacho, the vibration of the participants and the room raises, and the sacred offering becomes a living prayer that brings energy shifts and healing.

Tangible offerings amplify the intentions of our prayers and are integral to the creation. Kathy will provide the framework for the despacho and many of the elements. Please bring your own elements as you are guided by your beautiful heart. Suggested offerings include sugar and sweets, corn and/or other grains, beans, coca leaves (or whatever herbs or small leaves are readily available), flowers, incense, paper (or “play”) money, salt, seashells, feathers, beads (wooden preferred), colorful yarn or ribbon. The completed despacho will be burned and the ashes offered to the earth or the rivers.


BURNING BOWL CEREMONY The burning bowl ceremony is a fire ceremony that helps us to release old, unwanted conditions or events in our lives. Do you ever feel like you’re stuck, not sure how you got here or how to move forward? Sometimes we need a powerful way to let the go of old aspects of self that no longer serve us so we can make room for the new in our life. As we release old ideas and ways of being in the world, it clears the way for fresh beginnings, to plant new seeds of self for expansion and growth.

This ceremony can be done at any time, but is particularly effective in the Fall, just before we enter Winter, where we hibernate and incubate innovative ideas and possibilities. Prepare for a new life, new passion, new opportunities with the burning bowl ceremony. Bring your fears, anxieties, self-doubt as well as your hopes, dreams, and wishes. Let’s release what is no longer in your highest good and bring in new energies for what you are truly meant to be.

Ceremony with Ki-Ri