Energy Therapy:

What is Energy Therapy?

This is a form of deep relaxation therapy in which the “natural energy of the universe” or “universal life force,” is channeled to you to facilitate your body’s ability to heal itself. This therapy has been known to initiate healing of physical conditions, thought patterns, emotions, memories, and spiritual needs.

An energy treatment consists of lying in a comfortable position, fully clothed, while the therapist places his/her hands on or just above different areas of the body, balancing the flow of energy, focusing the universal life force, and allowing it to move where it is needed. Music, essential oils, sacred herbs, crystals, drumming, singing bowls, and guided breathing and imagery may be utilized during the treatment according to the inner guidance of the therapist. You will generally experience a feeling of deep relaxation, perhaps warmth. You may sleep during the treatment, or you may have some visual perceptions, such as color or movement or even dreamlike images.

What Can An Energy Treatment Do For You?

  • Reduce stress and promote a profound sense of relaxation.
  • Reduce pain and support healing of acute and chronic physical pain/injuries.
  • Aid in processing and healing grief and other emotional traumas, recent or long past.
  • Enhance spiritual awareness and connectedness with God / Goddess / Creator / Spirit / Great Mystery / All There Is / The Tao / The Universe.
  • Energize and increase your sense of well-being, peace and harmony.

What If I Live Far Away? Remote Therapy

You can’t see infrared waves, but you can feel them heating your body. You can’t see your mother’s love, but you can feel it…like when you are going through a hard time. You know she wishes you well even if she is not physically present. This love, which is energy, helps you overcome your challenges. Distance or remote healing works similarly, using intention and positive, coherent energy that is “sent” from the therapist to the recipient, unbounded by distance or time.

The Theory Behind Energy Therapy

Quantum theory tells us that everything everywhere is made up of energy, vibrating at its own particular frequency. Much like radio waves, ultraviolet waves, microwaves, ultrasound, and x-rays, we cannot see this form of energy; yet we know it exists. We call this energy “Universal Life Force,” and it flows into, through, and around each of us. This force has been documented, and disturbances or blockages in its flow are known to cause disease. Balancing the flow of energy in and around our bodies allows us to achieve and maintain a state of health, a dynamic equilibrium.

All traditions acknowledge this force, calling it by many different names: God energy, Christ energy, the Tao, the power of prayer, Chi, Qi, faith healing, Ki, prana, mana, spirit, bioenergy, bioplasma, Odic force, Orone, faith healing …however, it is by any name, energy, from a higher source. Energy therapy is not based on religious belief, but transcends it, accessing what we know but cannot see, thereby allowing us to achieve not only greater levels of total health, but also greater levels of enlightenment and inner peace.

The effect of intention and coherent energy has been beautifully documented by Dr. Emoto when he directed specific words or intentions towards water. He then froze the water and examined the ice crystals under a microscope, revealing patterns and shapes formed by the vibrations of the words and intentions directed at the water. Positive thoughts and words created beautiful, coherent patterns…negative thoughts and words created chaotic, fragmented patterns.

Dr. Emoto