Elevate and Accelerate...You Are Worth It!

Are you ready to create lasting change in your life?

What goal or project do you wish to accelerate?
  • abundance
  • health / fitness
  • work-related project
  • forgiveness
  •  partnership
  • time management

What repetitive patterns will you release to elevate you to your highest and truest expression of yourself?

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • unworthiness / low self-esteem
  • grief
  • destructive relationships (people-food-drugs-alcohol)
  • procrastination

Are you experiencing depression, anxiety, frustration, fear, difficulty with motivation or organization? Perhaps you have a successful career but yearn for more fulfillment and independence? This program is for you. Designed to help you create real change and sustained momentum to manifest what you most want out of life, we will discover and discern, remove blocks and envision, create and manifest in a deliberate and structured way.

Program Length

6 modules you complete at your own pace, typically 12 weeks

What is Included: 

* PRIVATE: Six 2-hour 1-on-1 in-person (or remote) mentoring, practical application & energy healing sessions

  * GROUP (4 or more): Six 2-hour  Zoom groups mentoring, practical application & group energy transmissions

* Email and phone support

* Readings and exercises to be completed at home

* Daily practices

Cost –  $997 private  /  $397 group

What they are saying…

” It was a catalyst for the next step forward. Thank you.   Dr. Katie McCorkle

I wish I had done this years ago. Thanks for the amazing gift!   Barb Shafran

I had no idea how much change would occur for me but it has and I am ready for the next chapter! Thank you. I will forever be grateful for the healing that I have experienced and changes that I have made.   Heather S.

Kathy has guided me from a narrow perspective of myself and future into a positive self-loving outlook. I will be forever grateful. Elaine Manusakis

This course has helped me to create major changes in my life in many ways. I received more insight and understanding than from any previous mentor and the energy sessions were by far the most powerful that I have ever had by any practitioner.  Sheri G.


Module 1 – Creating Your Vision

If you could do anything you want, what would your life look like? How will your life (or your project) look when all blocks are removed and all aspects are elevated and in complete harmony throughout all levels of your bio-energetic field? You will visualize and create a template of your “ideal” life circumstances as a roadmap to identifying and achieving the desired change.

Module 2 – Identifying Dissonance

What needs to change? What aspects of your life are not working for you or are out of balance? We will explore your conscious understanding of your challenges and barriers to change. We will also look deeper to discover subconscious blocks, beliefs and attitudes that are keeping you “stuck” and remove them from your energy field.

Module 3 – Manifesting Intensive

In this module we will begin to put The Law of Attraction to work, focusing your thoughts, intentions, words and actions to enable the fullest manifestation of your vision. We will further enhance your daily practice of affirmations with creative visualization and you will begin constructing a vision board.

Module 4 – Intention and Gratitude

Continuing to focus our attention and intention through affirmation and visualization, we will further refine our practice by adding gratitude to raise and amplify our vibration, which creates a greater attractor field. Reading and discussion will focus on understanding of how quantum theory informs this universal law.

Module 5 – Putting It All Together

You are now refining and strengthening your vision through daily practices, applying attention, intention and gratitude. We will explore scientific evidence of the power of prayer. Your vision board should be almost complete and we will begin to construct an altar to continuously hold and amplify the energies of your intentions towards full manifestation.

Module 6 – Evaluating and Re-Committing

Together we will map the change you are creating. How is it showing up in your day-to-day life? How do you feel? What else would you like to see happen? You will understand that you are the author of your life story; that you create it with every thought, word and action; and you will commit to writing it with great intention as the magnificent co-creator that you are.

kathy evans

Meet Your Instructor       

Kathy Evans-Palmisano,RN, CNM, Master Energy Healer and Personal Trainer, has spent over 4 decades helping people live healthier, more joyful lives. She has traveled to sacred sites in Peru, Mexico, Sedona, Glastonbury and India to study earth energies and work with dowsers, geomancers, shamans and gurus to better help individuals and groups remember and live into their Divine nature.