Guided Meditations for Evolving Consciousness

Sometimes we can get so caught up with life’s tasks and with tending to others that we overlook the thread that ties everything together – ourselves. By strengthening our relationship with ourselves, the efforts we put into our daily lives may flow with greater ease and confidence. Let the ethereal music and Kathy’s calming voice guide you to a place where the “chattering mind” is stilled and your inner wisdom takes over. We begin with gentle breathing exercises to calm the mind and bring awareness to the body. You will then hear Kathy’s soft-spoken words guiding you through soothing images and scenarios, allowing you to connect with peacefulness and wisdom within yourself that can carry over into all that you do. Guided meditation can benefit anyone, regardless of age, health, or religious affiliations…it’s about connecting with yourself and your own infinite wisdom. Guided meditations are appropriate for one individual or groups of any size.

  • Chakra Balancing – Activate and balance the energy centers of your body.
  • Connecting to Spirit – Remember and re-experience your divine nature.
  • Into the Matrix – Reconnect to the galactic and universal energy grids.
  • Earth Grounding – Connecting to the infinite power and support of our Earth Mother, Gaia.
meditate with ki-ri